Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pick Me!

Hi my name is White Spot and I want you to pick me because I am inteligent.  I am a artist, I like to draw, paint.  I hate to brag but if I don't I will rot.  So please pick me.  I want to be a jack-o-lantorn.  I am as shiny as a brand new crown.  If you would just pick me.  I am also very very sweet and I taste like yummy pumkin ice cream and pumkin pie.  I the beatifulest blone hair ever.

I am a shiny orange pumkin with a white spot and I can realy cook and I am a artist.  I taste like pumkin bread and pumkin pie.  I am a very silly pumkin and happy and intelagent.  My name is White Spot because I have a white spot.  Does it make since?  I think I am a great pumkin.

1 comment:

Alvin Marshall said...

I would definitely pick you!