Monday, December 7, 2009

My Christmas Tradition

My favorite Christmas tradition is dancing in "The Nutcracker." What I like about doing "The Nutcracker" is that even if you mess up, no one will ever know!

This year I was a Flower and a Soldier. It was so much fun.

What else is fun is being backstage. We can bring snacks, play our Nintendos, listen to our iPods, and just sit there by yourself (I did that for a minute or two this year).

What makes our Nutcracker special is that we tell the true gift of Christmas ~ Baby Jesus. Just like the nutcracker was a special gift for Clara, Jesus is a special gift for us.

{A note from Mommy ... Casiday is privileged to dance at a Christian performing arts studio and so we have a drama that goes along with the ballet each year. This year, Scott was asked to share the Gospel at the end of both performances ... what a blessing to use the gift of dance in such a God-honoring way! This picture is of the prayer before the show ... that's Casiday and her fellow soldiers joined together in prayer. I am so thankful that she is learning to use her abilities and passions in ways that bring glory to God and share the blessed hope we have in Him!!}