Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Pets

My pets are so silly.  I have three pets.  Two cats and one dog.  My two cats names are Princess and Lydia.  My dogs name is Charlie. I love them very much.

Pick Me!

Hi my name is White Spot and I want you to pick me because I am inteligent.  I am a artist, I like to draw, paint.  I hate to brag but if I don't I will rot.  So please pick me.  I want to be a jack-o-lantorn.  I am as shiny as a brand new crown.  If you would just pick me.  I am also very very sweet and I taste like yummy pumkin ice cream and pumkin pie.  I the beatifulest blone hair ever.

I am a shiny orange pumkin with a white spot and I can realy cook and I am a artist.  I taste like pumkin bread and pumkin pie.  I am a very silly pumkin and happy and intelagent.  My name is White Spot because I have a white spot.  Does it make since?  I think I am a great pumkin.

My Moster

It was the eve of Halloween when I found my monster.

Once I found a monster on Hallaween night.  She was very messy and had a huge red jagged scar and never went away.  She was green and in a graveyard and so it was midnight and I had to go home but wait just a minutite.  I will name it Midnight.  It always has her hand up and the reason it because she sneezes a lot and she wairs a blue shirt and a patched pair of pants that were orange, and a toe nail that is green like her skin but the toe nail has purple worts on it.  I thought that she should want to stay in a graveyard that we own and it was very old and messy so we thoght she would clean it, but no she dug it up.  

She got her scar by a mean wolf.

The End

Habitats of Georgia Test

*Note from Mommy - I was shocked when I saw the "Constructed Response" question at the end of this test.  So, I thought I'd add it to Casiday's blog along with her answer.  The answer, by the way, is absolutely hilarious - and SO Casiday.  Enjoy!  TL*

Question (Typed exactly as written on the test):
You work for a Georgia company that studies and protects the environment. You are going to Washington D.C. to speak to Congress about passing laws to protect the animals and plants of Georgia.  Choose ONE of the five habitats above.  Write a paragraph telling at least 2 details about the habitat.  Describe at least 3 animals or plants that live in the habitat, why they should be protected, and what will happen to them if the habitat is changed.  You may use the back of this sheet.

Casiday's Answer (Typed exactly as written on the test):
The Atlantic Ocean has dolphens and wales and octipus.  If there habitat chages they would die.  Whales are in dangered speceys but I am happy dolphins aren't and octipus well I do not care.  We should gather up people to save them.  They are very speceal to me because I love the ocean.