Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Moster

It was the eve of Halloween when I found my monster.

Once I found a monster on Hallaween night.  She was very messy and had a huge red jagged scar and never went away.  She was green and in a graveyard and so it was midnight and I had to go home but wait just a minutite.  I will name it Midnight.  It always has her hand up and the reason it because she sneezes a lot and she wairs a blue shirt and a patched pair of pants that were orange, and a toe nail that is green like her skin but the toe nail has purple worts on it.  I thought that she should want to stay in a graveyard that we own and it was very old and messy so we thoght she would clean it, but no she dug it up.  

She got her scar by a mean wolf.

The End

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Alvin Marshall said...

This one is scary! I wouldn't ever want to run into her!