Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Trip of My Dreams (written 11/19/08)

Today I am going to Animal World. It is filled with animals. It is my Dream trip. I am so exsited. My Mom, Dad, my friends and me are going. Because I am going to Animal World I love animals. So thats why. We are staying in a cool hotel. I has a pool and a hot tub and fish are in the pool. And thats what I call cool. The Bellhops are wearing animal skin. That got me excited even more. Theyhad more animals then I had ever saw in my whole life. They even had a hawk and a eagel. One of the Bellhops was from Hawaii. He told lots of great storys about Animal World. He said it had been biuld for 150 years. My faverite animal was a elaphent. Would you like to go to Animal World?

The End

*Note from Mommy... As always I typed exactly what was written by the girl. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

These are Casiday's New Year's resolutions ... done at the school.

1. This year, I will be more patient with "my mom."
2. This year, I will study more "for Bull's Basics."
3. This year, I will keep my room more tidy by "cleaning my desk."
4. I will try harder to get along with "my friend Katherine."
5. I will try to eat healthy foods, even "brockly."
6. I will help keep my home clean by "cleaning up the bathroom."
7. I will help out at school by "listening."
8. I will try harder to remember to "read."
9. I will save money to "go to Sea World."
10. I will read for "15" minutes every day.
11. I will choose what I watch on TV more carefully, and only watch "10" hours every week.
12. I will exercise more often, especially by "doing push ups."
13. I will do my best to follow through with my resolutions, and will be glad when I am able to keep some of them.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Cats

My cats Princess and Lydia are realy spoiled . Just like me.Lydia likes to chase ice.Princess likes to stare out the window.