Monday, June 4, 2007


I love dancing.
Saturday I did J,C,s
sunshine circus.
And Friday night
it was Creatshun.
If I did not dance I
wud be weard.

June 4th, 2007


Granny Sue said...

Hey Princess Casiday!

I loved your writing about dancing. I sure wish I could see you dance sometime. Maybe next year Papa and I can come see one of your recitals.

Did you know you come from a long line of writers? Big Daddy and Papa both write sermons, Big Mama has written plays and skits, Pepa (my daddy) writes poetry, my brother Steve writes poetry, my sister Judy is writing a novel (book) and of course you already know that your mom is a REALLY GOOD WRITER!

I can write but I don't really like to. I prefer art or playing the piano. I know that you like to draw too. AND your daddy is a really good artist!

Did you know that you can make really funny pictures out of numbers? Can you make a face out of a 2? or a snowman out of an 8? What can you make ouf of the number yuo get when you add 2 and 8? Try it and let me know how you did and what you drew!

Keep writing and working on math! Math was my favorite subject when I was in school. I think numbers are a lot of fun! What kind of math are you working on right now?

I love you!

Granny Sue

Aunt N said...

Hi Casiday!
It is great to get to read your Blog! Mamaw and I are excited about it. Keep up your are doing such a good job.

I hope your Daddy was able to video your dance recital. I would like to see it also. Maybe you can show us some of your routine next week.

We are really looking forward to seeing you next week! I know that we will all have fun together.

Greer is really looking forward to seeing you too. She went to Vacation Bible School with me tonight. She said she had alot of fun.

We love you! Keep writing and we will keep reading. Aunt Norma

RitaLou said...

Hey Casiday!

How exciting that you're writing! I loved reading about your dancing. I love dancing, too.

You did a really good job writing about your dance recital. Keep up the good work!

I'll send a copy to Adrianne so she can read it.

(((((BIG HUG)))))

Ms. Rita

Adrianne said...

Hey Casiday!

I love reading what you wrote! I miss you so much! I hope you're having a really good summer, and I'll see you soon!

I love you!


Alvin Marshall said...

Don't ever give up on dancing. I don't have time to practice karate anymore, and you are right, it is weird!